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Network & Security Services

Network Hassles – Managed & Simplified

Linux Technologies provides a cutting edge network consulting services for our clients. Make use of our expertise, to manage the hassles placed by new technologies on your network infrastructure, and take your business to the next level. Linux Technologies leverages its vast experience in network consulting, performing a range of optimization services for desired outcomes.

Organization Dexterity

Provide a network that adjusts and adapts to the growing requirements of your business.

Operational Optimization

Build a network that uses automation and analytics to enhance business performance.

Cost Reduction

Reduce cost by coupling automation and SDN with virtualization.

IT Efficiency

Ensure security as part of the network strategy, design, and implementation.

Benefits of our Network Advisory & Actionables

Using our network services our client companies can benefit as follows:

Core Business

Focus on your core business without spending time and money on building and maintaining networks.

Offload Risk

Minimize risks of network failure and data loss by offloading the risk to Linux Technologies.

Domain Expertise

Get uninterrupted network service and expertise of the domain experts.

Consulting Every Step of your Network Integration

Adopt and apply the best practices across domains in network services with our competitive benchmark in engineering, operational skill, troubleshooting, and delivery capabilities.

  • WAN consolidation solutions help connect you with your branches and clients across time zones.
  • Personalized networking solutions from perception and design, to implementation and support, eases this.
  • Network consulting services provide a merit-driven design, project supervision, installation, and post-installation support.

Easing the Entire Network Migration Activity

A key service of ours is network migration and refreshes – helping move data and programs from an existing network to another. Here, your data can be set up on a new network or in two independent networks blended together.

Our network assessments ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication. Our remediation team troubleshoots any error restoring service at the earliest. Linux Technologies’s tested and proven migration methodologies bring a secure and cost-effective network setup, for your offices and branches, across all locations for connectivity.