What is AWS Container Services?

Containers provide a standard way to package your application code, configurations and dependencies into a single object. Containers share an operating system installed on servers/instances and run as resource-isolated processes ensuring quick, reliable and consistent deployments.

Key Use-cases

Application Portability

Agile code deployment with real-time validation

Cost optimization efficiencies ranging 35-65%

Security automation and validation in CI/CD


Application Migration to Cloud

How Linux Technologies can help?

Our practice will help build and manage your Container Platform through Rapid Response, Rapid Planning, Rapid Execution and full transparency. Our engagements start with an understanding of your needs and requirements. Key activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scope, Initiation and Kickoff
  • Governance: stakeholders, working groups, roles
  • Customer focused business goals and outcomes
  • Success criteria
  • Application discovery and design workshops
  • Plan, Design and Implement
  • Identify application changes and develop a refactoring plan
  • Build Container Images
  • GitOps – CI/CD
  • Container security and traffic management implementation
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Container logging and Monitoring Architecture
  • Support and Managed Services
  • Customer satisfaction

Linux Technologies + AWS are your partners to successfully drive the journey of Cloud Adoption and Transformation on AWS!