Guiding Your Cloud Footsteps

Cloud Advisory Service

Accelerating your Cloud Transformation Roadmap

Linux Technologies’s Cloud Advisory service enhances your business by developing a custom roadmap according to your work and infrastructure. We assess your cloud-related goals, and accordingly establish a framework that establishes roles, recommends architecture related suggestions. All in all, we ensure the growth of your business, leveraging cloud computing and services to make it happen.

Bolster Business with Linux Technologies Cloud Advisory

Increase your time-to-market


Boost profitability

Disaster Recovery

Develop enhanced customer experience


Digitalize business processes with cloud


Better utilize your IT infrastructure


Increase cross-team cooperation


Correct Technical Support to Cope with Challenges

We create strategies to ensure you have the correct technical support helping business function in the world of cloud computing. At Linux Technologies, we bring to you tested and proven insights, tools and guidance to boost your business outcomes and solve business challenges. We also provide you with a structured process to mitigate challenges and bring a seamless and high functioning business model.

Strategy for entering the world of cloud computing

Roadmap with the best-suited technologies

Cloud Readiness assessment of your application & IT infrastructure

Best suited cloud technology for your business

Selection of cloud service that’s highly productive and cost-effective

Steps to a Successful Cloud Operating Model

Adopting a cloud strategy can be difficult, but we help you make the right choice, identifying your scope, vision, and gathering requirements.

  • Our experts conduct a GAP Analysis for the cloud readiness of your application and IT infrastructure.
  • Strategize cloud transformation roadmap, creating an architectural plan for your application migration.
  • Post analysis and strategies, Linux Technologies builds a cloud infrastructure best suited for your business model and deploys applications on it.
  • Finally, post-delivery, we provide 24/7 support whenever necessary.

Through all these steps Linux Technologies ensures you are involved and aware of each stage and of the progress towards your goal.