Being Linux Technologies

Highlighting Who We Are

The Linux Technologies Identity

Global leaders in strategic IT solutions and service delivery with presence in Americas, EMEA and APAC supporting private and public sector enterprise customers.

We take pride in solving complex business challenges around IT and Digital transformation leveraging cutting-edge and best-in-breed technology solutions tailored to client needs. Our team of talented industry experts identify and deliver Linux Technologies solutions driving real business outcomes.

A Straightforward Vision

Founded on a vision of providing innovative and competitive solutions to businesses, Linux Technologies strives to help customers leverage technology to achieve business goals and excel in their core competencies.

At Linux Technologies, we strive to bring quality services to our clients, with our experienced customer-oriented thinkers, agents, and business partners. Together, we focus on our customers’ needs and provide outstanding service to achieve the best results.

A Well-Mapped Mission

Our mission at Linux Technologies is to serve and enable our customers, while transforming their use of technology solutions and services, to solve business problems and deliver successful outcomes. We are driven by innovation, compassion, and commitment through a global, highly experienced, and dedicated professional workforce.

Linux Technologies is committed to:

  • Providing quality solutions and services
  • Provide competitive edge to customers against their competition
  • Be a trusted partner and customer advocate
  • Build a bridge between technology and business
  • Invest in technology innovation
  • Transparency, equality and inclusion